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Friday, November 15, 2013

Fashion Friday- Pretty Crimson Dress with Lace

Hello butterflies!
Today's fashion friday is dealing with several trends, lace, red, and boot covers!
All very cute fashions coming into trend this fall!

First off, a bunch of cute selfys as promised on twitter! If you're not following me yet, it's
Hope to see you there! <3

First off, makeup. I wore fake lashes! Arn't you proud of me? It's becoming vary popular to become more creative with your makeup these days, so I did this cute swirl on my one eye!

Second off, cute stud earrings are becoming very popular this session, make sure to pick some up!

Next off, layering. Very cute and trending, especially with lace! Try layering something short or no sleeved on top of something longer sleeved! Cute!

Skirts are always cute, this fall you can where them more because of the legging trend, take advantage of it! See how pretty the lace is with the red underneath? Layering.

Boot warmers, or Leg warmers are VERY popular this session, make sure to pick some up! I got these particularly cute ones at TJMax! Also wearing a punky boot under them is a cool look!

I hope you enjoyed this Fashion friday! Stay tuned for next week!

Dress: Forever 21
Lace vest: Forever 21
Leg warmers: TJMax
Boots: DSW
Earrings: ummm, Forever 21 I think?

See you soon!


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