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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

White Lily project

The white lily project is about sharing kindness! When something happens to you that is nice or you see someone else posts something nice, hash tag it #whitelily!!
Share happiness around the world!

Princess Challenge 1. Say something nice today!

I challenge all you princesses to say something nice to someone today!
You could:
Say something nice to a family member or friend.
Complement a person you meet
Write something nice on facebook, twitter, instagram, whatever!
hash tag it #whitelily! Let's make it trend!

Did you know that a white lily means purity and majesty?

Princess Madeleine

The morning post

This morning, I received a letter in my morning post.

It read as follows:

How kind of them to send me such a note! Thank you!

My kawaii Snow White <3 Look up the video on youtube of me drawing her <3 #sugarbunny

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Do you know a princess? Maybe you?

Dear friends,
Today, I got kind-bombed.
Kind-bombing is when someone you don't know or might never even meet does something to make your day better.
I was having a really bad day. One of those days you wish just never happened.
I was sitting in a waiting room, and something pink caught my attention.
It was a card.
After reading this card, and looking up the site, I almost cried.
I am a princess.
Somebody, somewhere, helped me see. This one act of kindness, made me smile again.
My goal as princess is to share kindness all around my kingdom.
I from now on, intend to kind-bomb people,
And that starts with you.
I pass this on to all of you.
Because we are all princesses.
Miss. Princess Madeleine
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