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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday Haul!

Hihi my beauties!
This is my Black Friday haul!

Did you have a good Black Friday? 
I know I did! (^w^)
We bought lots of stuff, but most of it I have to forget as it's going under the Cristmas tree for me :D But we got some incredible deals!

Here is what I got to keep for now!

Beauty Secrets Cuticle Oil from Sally's Beauty Supplies!

Rubbing Alcohol to clean my nail stuff from CVS (sorry for the up side down pictures)

Hello Kitty memory foam neck pillow and sleep mask for my mum for Christmas from ULTA!

NYX Matte Black Liner and Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover from ULTA! 
Spangle Gold Skirt and Kitty Tights from Delias!

Kitty Tights! I'm so glad I found these, I never thought I would get to have a pare!

Spangle gold skirt

Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron I got for free from Sally's Beauty Supplies! For a friend for Christmas!

I hope you had a good Black Friday too!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Fashion Friday- Shorts in fall

Hello my angelic little butterflies!
Happy Black Friday!
Today in fashion friday we will be discussing the trend of STILL wearing shorts in the cold!
It has become very trendy to wear tights or leggings under your shorts to keep warm but still show off your legs. Parring this with a baggy sweater is fun as it gives you contrast (something very trendy this season) of baggy and skinny. (^_^) I also pared a very lacy top and shorts with rocker boots to give it a little hard and soft.
Lookbook Picture!

More pictures!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I am thankful for so many things this year, I hope you have many things to be thankful for as well.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! Forget about your diet for today and eat all the yummy food you want while being with people you're thankful for (hopefuly XD)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013



Is dressing casual a crime as a fashionista? IMPORTANT TOPIC

Hi my lovely butterflies.
So, I went into a store yesterday. I asked to take photos of the fashion for all you guys so we can all look fabulous together! However, they wouldn't let me. This doesn't bother me, some stores don't let you and thats OKAY. What did bother me was the fact that the woman looked at me like I was gum on the bottom of her shoe.
Now, I had just been working in the barn earlier that day, so maybe I wasn't wearing high heels and perfume, but I was still pretty cute if you ask me. Just not fully glammed up. I was wearing torn jeans and a baggy sweater, with a little makeup. This woman looked at me like I was from Mars when I said I was a fashion blogger, and probably laughed at me when I left. How could this girl possibly be a fashion blogger? She's dressed so casually!

Blurry pic, sorry guys X.x

Now, I agree that when you go and ask to take pictures, you are probably going to have better luck if you are glammed up. However, I don't feel I deserved to be treated the way I was. I was made a fool of, a laughing stock, an idiot.
I went home upset.
Who wouldn't?
I think the world of fashion could use a little less cattiness and a bit more manners.
But I got some love from my twitter and my lovely mum and I felt better after. I decided to ask an important question. 

But first I want to thank all my supporters, here is my tweet and the tweets I got back:

@MadeleineOoka: "I apparently am not fabulous looking enough to have a fashion blog"
@evilchocobunny: "who said that? ;o anyone is allowed to write a fashion blog ><"
@julia_nerd: "You do you, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!"

I also got 5 new followers on Twitter!
Thank you for the support! :')

So the question stands.
"Can you dress casual and be a fashionista?"
Here where your answers from twitter!

@AskMrMickey: "Yes you can Madeleine. Just because you're casual doesn't mean you're not cutely put together! Casual does not mean LAZY"
@CROWNMK: "it all depends on how you see casual. Casual for me is overdressed. But yes I do believe casual  = fashionista."
@xoBetsy Johnson: "Casual is cool! Only a real fashionista knows how to pull off both"
@KoitsuDanieru: "ofcourse you can!"
@himestyle: "ha ha ok whenever i wear something casual im sure youll see it"
@xNamikox: "I can be kawaii fashionista ;P"
@Strawberrygyaru: "No I think not becouse I always want to dress myself like the best up.. *^*"
@SuiPrincess: "mhhhh I dont know xD"

So to sum up, there are many opinions, but I believe that if you do it right, you're golden! So never be shamed if someone looks you up and down like your lesser than them because you're dressed casual, laugh to yourself and know who the real fool is!
I came out of this situation wondering if fashion blogging was really something I wanted to do, if that was going to be my life. However, I've talked to so many wonderful people who wouldn't let it get me down, that I have new faith.

Knocked down a million, get up one million and once!
Keep strong and shining!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trendy Shop Tuesdays-Light Gold at TJMaxx store and haul and review

Hello my angelic, little butterflies!
Today I am going to be talking about the store TJMaxx (!
TJMaxx is known for having designer brands at cheap prices! This is definitely a good store to visit if your wanting to look fashionable on a budget!
I want to talk about a new trend I've been seeing recently. This trend is Light Gold, or White Gold. It is a very light hue of gold colour and is very in right now! These are some trendy things I could find that where light gold at TJMaxx!

Okay guys, this is going to get lengthy!



First off, we have this beautiful knit light gold sweater by Fenn Wright Manson! It looks sort of tan in the photographs, but it's really a very beautiful Light Gold colour with sparkles in the yarn. It is a simple cut, but very pretty! Classic piece.

Next we have this cute leopard print sweater by Jessica Simpson! This is very cute and could be worn with a little black skirt or leggings and look very nice. The shape is intentionally baggy and I think would look very nice on! You can see the sweater is white, but the leopard print is done in gold, creating that White Gold effect. The material is very textured and fun! I love this!

Now, we have a deeper gold sweater from Pearl. It is a very baggy style, as that is in as of now, and is loosely knit. I love the gold glitter in the yarn of this sweater! However, this has made it a bit coarse to the touch. It also has cute little buttons down the back of it. An all around nice bright sweater for a party or event. I would not advise wearing this as a warming sweater as it is so loosely knit. Wonderful for a special occasion!

Now, we have my favorite! This sweater is from Pink Rose and is a light, light pink but with gold hints in it! Absolutely adorable! This is knit in a very lacy way, giving it a beautiful feminine feel. It's very floaty, so not for keeping warm, but a very cute and stylish piece! I adored it so much, I walked out of the store with it!


I couldn't find hardly any bottoms that had the Light Gold trend. What I did find though was this fabulous full length skirt by LoveRiche! I love the flowyness of it, yet it is long so it will keep you warm! The skirt is pink with a golden undertone and along the waist band has little gold diamonds! I love how it's almost ruffled at the bottom. A very cute skirt for fall!


Bags, bags, bags, Oh how I love bags!

To start out, I love the new trend of gold chains on bags!

Check out this cute Betsy Johnson bag with a totally amazing bulky chain on it! It's so cute! The fur is just adorable and so fluffy creating a contrast of hard and soft. Totally trending. 

Also check out the studs on this MMS design studio bag! Studs are very in style this season! It looks very punk, which is in. I love! I think it's beautiful! The bag is also very worn feeling and soft. Hard and soft again, but in a different way. It's lovely!

I freaked out when I saw this FABULOUS. GOLD. Michael Kors bag! It's beautiful, and completely Light Gold and shiny! You can see your reflection in it! And the MK will let everyone know you are on trend!

I am in love with this Rose Gold sparkle bag. It's comfortably "baggy" and slouchy and gorgeous! I love the spangles on it and it's just a beautiful bag!

Nails and Makeup

So, I was just leaving the store when I came across this BEAUTIFUL essie nail polish in a gorgeous champagne, light gold colour! I was in love! It's called "show me the ring" and it's light gold with sparkles in it, lovely!

I also came across this gold eyeliner by elf makeup! How fabulous is that? I didn't get it, but I wish I had! 


So this is what I got!

Cute lace black boots

A hat for my mum for Christmas!

My lovely pink rose sweater!

Beauty Brushes

essie nail polish in "show me the ring"

Cute SOFT red gloves for my grandma for Christmas


My pink rose sweater is so cute! The light light pink with the gold undertone~
Even the tags are adorable!
I also didn't realize this when I bought it but it has a lace back! SO CUTE!

Isn't it adorable? \(^o^)/

Now, down to the nitty gritty.

Wearability: 3/5
Functionality: 1/5
Trend: 4/5

Essie nail polish:
I absolutely adore this colour! It's beautiful on my nails and with 2 coats it's mostly opaque! I didn't chip it for 24 hours, a new record for me! I usually chip it before it's even dry because I use my hands a lot doing crafts and such! Lovely!

Colour: 4/5

Chip: 5/5

So that was this week's Trendy Shop Tuesday! Hope you enjoyed, and comment down below of what you thought! Should I do more of these?
Bye bye for now!
(P.S. Next week, Forever 21!)

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