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Monday, December 31, 2012

Sad Tidings

December 22, 2012
Dear readers,
I am truly grieved in informing you that my dear Duchess has passed on from this life. This happened 2 weeks ago.
We only had three and a half short weeks together, but she grew very, very dear to me, I am lost without her.
I have been grieving for her, have been in a near constant state of distress, crying a lot.
But somehow, through this grief, I have realized that she is not so far away after all. She is still in my heart, and also in a way, in spirit. Now, I am not claiming that I am a medium of any sort, but their are moments when I can feel her presence, her love, her reassurance. Sometimes she will guide me when I am in the depth of despair and I simply can not get up, or even just when I need a little comfort and reassurance.
One resource that really helped me is rainbow bridge. It gave me hope, condolence, and support. Here is the link if you too are grieving a pet.

As life goes on, I still try to find happy moments, beautiful moments, I have gotten a new bunny sense then, Fern, who I love incredibly, but I will always miss you Duchess.

I am very sorry to not have been blogging, and I am sorry to be sending this message on the last day of this beautiful year in which I had 3 and a half weeks together, but I felt I needed to post this before I moved into the next year.
I am crying as a wright this so please excuse grammatical and spelling mistakes.

I love you Duchess, and someday we will dance together again in heaven. God bless.

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