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Monday, August 19, 2013

Horse Camp, Barn Days of Summer

Hihi guys!
Last week I went to horse camp!
It was a really rocky road, but I'm so glad I stuck with it and saw it to the end.
I won't lie, the first day was awful. Everything was so different then I was used to, everything I did was wrong, I felt so confused and discouraged. I felt like I was worth nothing, and I had no right to like horses because I wasn't worthy of it. I cried all the way home, 45 mins. and I didn't really want to go back, I felt so bad. I actually never wanted to get on a horse again because I thought I wasn't good enough.

The second day was better. I went back with a fierce aditude and telling myself I was worthy, and that I was darn fabulous and trusting in my dear instructor when he said I had something there, something with horses that was special and that I was awesome. And the day went awesome! The key is believing in yourself I found, and I felt wonderful! I got my confidence back and it felt fabulous!

The third day was the most amazing for me. I rode bareback for the first time! And I trotted bareback and doubled bareback! It was amazing! I also made FRIENDS, something I thought I could never do again after things that have happened in the past. I was so happy, I still am so happy I can hardly believe it!

My friends and me

The forth day was grate! With new confidence shinning in my heart, I looked at everything with a new determination and acceptance  I also got to go to my regular lesson after that day and got the reassurance I needed from my instructor that I was not doing everything wrong and no, I was not a complete failure and I was indeed awesome. He even let me ride HIS horse, an honor few get. His daughter also gave me encouraging words about ridding and that I was a good rider. It felt really, really good.

The last day was bitter sweet. I felt more confident after seeing my instructor, yet I was saying goodbye to all my new found friends who had encouraged me so much. I made sure to get everyone's info so I can get together with them again! I am so exited to see them again, I'm already planning! :)

First Braid on a horse!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fern's first trip to PetCo!! And The Carrot Magazine

Hi everybunny!
So a few days ago Fern made an exiting new trip!
Fern went to the pet store for the first time!
We went to our local PetCo, as this is our favorite large chain pet store.

We started Fern off in a basket to get him accustom to being there with all the new sounds and noises. He was pretty scared, but he slowly got accustom to it and did very well!

I needed some fish food for my fish, so we started out in the aquatic section. Fern really liked the fish. He stuck his nose against the glass trying to say hello!He even tried to swim a little!

Fern did have a little bit of a hard time with the slippery floors, however he did much better then I thought he would do and managed to keep his footing quite nicely.

During our visit, a very friendly dog came to say hello to us. At first, Fern was very skittish and even jumped away. However he soon became used to the dog and they became very good friends!

Fern got to pick out his hay for the first time! He likes his timothy hay non-western and nice and green! Though the less green stuff is probably better for him, I can never resist his big brown eyes and he eats more of it, so I get it for him.

Lastly, we went and saw the birds! He was very interested in these weird feathery things, but they where not so in to him.

Going to PetCo was a big scary step. As a mama, I wondered if he could handle it without his sweet little heart beating it's way clean out. However, we had a grate time and Fern took it very well! Sometimes it's scary to make a first time decision like that, but your furbaby might have a wonderful surprize for you! *

Have you herd of The Carrot Magazine? Probably not, as it is not out yet. However, I am here to tell you all about it!
The Carrot Magazine will be a artful magazine all for rabbits! This mag is going to be all about enjoying the loves of bunny parenthood, not all the grief that we must face when losing a furbaby as important as that is. But Rainbow Bridge is already there for that. There will be pictures, original stories, pomes and art, and helpful tips about caring for your bun as well as news from all around the bunny realm on current events, and much much more! This blog post will be in the first issue of The Carrot Magazine! This magazine is an all bunny lovers magazine, so please send in your bunny stuff, from art to stories to articles and pictures, anything is appreciated!
Send all submissios to
and you could be in our first issue!

Bye bye bun buns!
Love, momo

They First Attempt

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