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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Purikura on Photoshop vrs. on iPhone

(The picture on the left is edited with PrincessCam and the picture on the right is Photoshoped)

I have recently been seeing lots of posts about good apps to use on the iphone for purikura.
Thank you so much!! It's great to see other peoples reviews on products! I'm a teenage girl, I don't really have that much money to spend, so it's nice to see what other people think of different apps so I can buy just the ones that are really going to work for my purposes. 
My favorite purikura app at the moment is PrincessCam! I think it's adorable!
I think that it's really cool that there are so many purikura apps for the iPhone because it's good for on the go, it's a great detraction for the waiting room, and it's wonderful for people like me who don't have purikura near them! However, I've noticed that they can really decrease the quality of the picture. I think they're great for iPhone photos but when I take a picture with my good camera and then edit it on my mobile phone it often ends up really grainy compared to the original because it no longer has as many pixels as before.
In reading some of these posts, I saw a lot of people comment that photoshop is to hard or complected for them to do purikura on. I agree that photoshop is very difficult to understand at times, but I feel that the results of the quality of the pictures I do on photoshop are much better then any I do on my phone. You also have a lot more options on photoshop on what you can do with your picture!
I love the iPhone apps dearly but I love photoshop just a little more!

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