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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trendy Shop Tuesday- Comfy Sweaters/Jumpers and all things soft at Forever 21 store haul and review!

Hello my angelic little butterflies!
Today I am showing one of my favorite stores, Forever 21 (
Forever 21 has become the source of the most current fashion at a reasonable price! They are creative, new, and trending!


One of the things I love about Forever 21 is that there stock is always neat. They have lots of people on the floor making everything tidy and also making it easy to ask for help if your looking for a serton item, or can't reach it (like me because I'm so short).
I once asked a guy working on the floor wether they still had a particular shirt in stock, he searched, literally, the entire store and found me the very last one!
When I asked to take pictures, I was treated very respectfully and was asked to wait while she double checked for me! Then she gave me the okay to take all the pictures I needed! Very happy with the customer service!

For this post I want to talk to you about sweaters, or jumpers and all things fluffy! As winter is coming quickly, it's time to bundle up!
Forever has a HUGE collection of sweaters or jumpers and other furry things this season! They have lot's of diversity, so what ever your style, they're sure to have it! It was really something photographing it all, every where I turned, there they were, and I'm sure I didn't get it all!

Now, for my favorites!

I absolutely love this furry vest with the braid detailing on it! The colour is very trendy and it just looks so warm and cosy!

Another vest, this one is red! Red is trending like mad this session. I'm sorry for the blurry picture! It was high over my head and I couldn't really see what I was doing X.x

I love this O jumper, it's just so simple and cute! It makes me think "Oh my!"
Somehow it manages to be alice in wonderlandy for me, not quite sure how but I like it!

This is the softest, comfiest jumper! It's just so fluffy! It makes me want to sit by the Christmas tree and drink hot coco while sitting in a comfy chair! Love it!

Pocka-dots are back in this season! Very cute trend!

I love love love this furry vest with this pink dress! So adorable! The vest is so plushy and soft and pretty. Unfortunately it didn't fit me, or else I would have gotten it!

This jumper was so soft and textured! I don't know what it was made out of, but I like it very much. Very comfy cosy for a cold winter's day!

This jacket was a cute biker style jacket, but it was fluffy on the inside! It was so soft and warm! Perfect for going out!

I love this leopard print jumper. Knit with very soft yarn, but guess what? It has studs on the shoulders! How cool is that. Hard and soft is defiantly in this season!

This jumper is so cute! It has lace all over the back and is so pretty! The lacy design is floral and beautiful!

This is so cute! The sweater is so soft and fuzzy and warm feeling! The pink lip marks on it make it trendy, as bold designs are trending right now, and it's just so cute!

This cozy knit comes in gray and cream, it's so fun and cute! The knots give you a "grandmother's attic" feel but it feels hip and in rather then old and out of date, a very cute lovely jumper!

This lambskin jacket, while it my be not your taste as it is lamb skin, is absolutely gorgeous! It's so soft and the cut is lovely!

This cozy cardigan is perfect for school days and is totally cute! The glittery heart is the perfect little accent! So adorable!

These two sweaters are beautiful! The detailing on them is gorgeous! The striping on the one is very cute and the ribbing on the other is trending right now!

These fluffy boots are SO CUTE! I WANT THEM! Unfortunately I didn't get them, but they are a definite must have this season!

Somebody requested a shopping outfit, so here it is!


So here's what I got!

Cute Velvety dress with strap detailing.

Beautiful Flower Necklace.

Heart necklace for a Christmas present.

Lovely Blue Pendent with 2 chains neclace

Cute mittens with bows on them.


I love the dress! It's so soft and comfortable and movable! Definitely a good buy!

Functionality: 4/5
Cuteness: 4/5

The gloves are so pretty and warm! They are so cute too! Love them!

Sneak peck at Christmas photo shoot!

Functionality: 4/5
Cuteness: 5/5

So that's this week's Trendy Shop Tuesday! Hope you enjoyed, and comment below on what you thought! 
Bye Bye for now!
(Next week, Delias!)

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