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Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Birthday Celebration!

Hi guies!
For my birthday this year, my friend kidnaped me (though not on my actual birthday) for a fun day! It was so amazing, thank you Kiku! <3

This was my outfit for the day! Isn't it cute? I like it very much!

This is where she kidnaped me in her car! We had a lot of fun! She is such a grate friend!

Then she ended up taking me to Equestria Girls! OMG I was so happy! We both really enjoyed it, I was kind of expecting the worst with this movie but it was definitely amazing! I loved it and am totally buying it when it comes out!

After Equestria Girls, she took me out to get petticures! So much fun! My tows have never looked better! So cute! This is a picture of her, her mom and my feet after! Can you guess which one is mine? Hint, I love bows~

It was an amazing day! I had so much fun! Thank you Kiku! <3

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