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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hello everyone!
I'm sorry for not blogging much recently, things have crazy!
Another thing that I have been using as an excuse for my absence is that I'm more of an image, or picture person, and not so much of a word person, which then makes it a little difficult for me to write good blog posts.
I will try harder!! ( *□*)/
to blog more consistently, I will be posting my pictures from my Snapeee as posts, so many of my posts from this point will be very short. It is easier for me to represent myself through pictures then words. I will still be blogging more "bloggyer" stuff, but I hope you will enjoy my pictures too!
Here is my first picture!

This is the first picture I ever did on snapeee!
It's not the best, but I still like it a little. 

Bye Bye
~Lufffff momo~

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