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Friday, November 23, 2012

Welcome Duchess!

Last week, I got a bunny(rabbit, but I call them all bunnies what ever the age)! We had decided to get a bunny because I have always wanted one, and I have been rather lonely recently, so we decided that it was time.
We went to the MSPCA because I think that they are an amazing organization and I had always wanted to support them and bring home an animal that needs a home. 
There were lots of bunnies there as well as dogs, cats, birds, ginny pigs, and other animals, all well kept and seemingly in good health, the ones having medical problems being treated!
The staff was all friendly and very helpful and they all seemed dedicated to get the right animal to the right forever home!
Thank you so much MSPCA for bringing us together!!!

So, this is my new bunny Duchess! She was called Buddy, but that was just not the right name for her, so I renamed her. She is 2 years old, white JerseyWolly with red eyes.
She is beautiful and I love her! 
I hope that we will be the best of friends.

Any bunny tips or tricks for me? Please comment! I would really appreciate it!

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